iElder Reward Points

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iElder Member Benefits


Points earned

An email sent to you as iElder member when you have earned points for completing an earning action, like signing up for your program, completing a purchase, or social sharing. 

  • Signup - 200 iElder Reward Point
  • Share on Facebook - 50 iElder Reward Point
  • Place an order - 1 Elder Reward Point for every RM1 spent
  • Share on Twitter-50 iElder Reward Point
  • Celebrate a birthday-200 iElder Reward Point

How to Become a Member of
1. Click icon  on the top right. Create Account for new member.
2. Fill up require information and click button CREATE.
3. A confirmation email will be send to the provided email address.

Referral shared to Friends
You can share your referral link to your friend via whatsApp, email, facebook and etc. You will earn for sharing with others. Refer your friends reward RM5 off discount and your friend will get RM5 discount

Reward redeemed
An email sent to you as iElder members when you have used you points to redeem a reward in your Panel. 
RM5 off discount - 500 iElder Reward Point
RM10 off discount - 1000 iElder Reward Point
Rm25 off discount - 2500 iElder Reward Point

How to Redeem Your Reward Points

1) Login to your member account by click on 

3) Click Redeem button. (Redeem button will active if you have enough points for redeem)


4) After click Redeem button, You will be given a code. Apply the code during check out.



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iElder Member Benefit Reward